Introduction to Inkjet and Toner Cartridges
Consumers often face a couple of choices when looking for a PC printer for home use. There’s the cheaper inkjet printer and the more expensive laserjet printer. The prices can be deceiving as the cheaper inkjet uses ink cartridges that easily gets exhausted and must be replaced or you run the risk of damaging the print head on a dried or empty ink cartridge.

On the other hand, the laserjet’s toner cartridge lasts longer, typically thrice as long while the laserjet itself prints faster for high volume printing needs.

But you should get one based on your needs. If you have large document printing needs, a laserjet is more cost effective. But for high color resolution, the inkjet is best. Inkjets are based on thermal inkjet printing technologies using metal plates that create electrostatic fields to charge ink droplets to ooze through microscopic nozzles. This should not be confused with thermal printers that heats special thermal papers to produce images limited to black and white prints.

Those laserjet printers pioneered by HP uses dry electro photographic technology sourced from Canon. The toner cartridge uses dry black and CMYK powder toner that also gets depleted over time with constant use but are generally cheaper on a per page reckoning than inkjets.
Print cartridges and refill buying guide
The consumer has a choice, to use cartridges of the same brand as recommended by the printer maker, or go generic which can often be a fraction of the cost of branded OEM ink cartridges. Alternatively, cartridges can get refilled by ink refill stations you can find in computer shops in malls. But not all printer model cartridges can be refilled. Be sure to check with you local ink refill station and bring your empty cartridge with you to check that it can be refilled.

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